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2013 CARIFTA Report

2013 CARIFTA Report

Bahamas Athletics was in place as the Local Organising Committee of the Carifta 2013 games held their official wrap-up press conference yesterday October 9th, 2013.

Mr. Basil Christie, Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) brought opening remarks and was pleased to present the final comprehensive report inclusive of the financial details and also the consensus from participating countries that marked the event as a success. Mr. Christie extended special credit to the marketing, public relations and the executive teams. He also made reference to a sports foundation that has been developed to distribute funds generated from Carifta 2013. Mr. Christie indicated that the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will also assist in the development of Track and Field on the Family Islands ensuring all aspect of sports is given attention. A contribution was also made to the Special Olympics in the Bahamas and assistance was given to the World Relays which are to be held in the Bahamas in 2014. He also highlighted the overwhelming response in ticket sales which exceeded 100%.

Following Mr. Christies remarks, Alpheus “Hawk” Finlayson gave remarks. Mr. Finlayson in his remarks, highlighted the comparison between the “Neymour Athletics Carifta Games” that were held in the Bahamas in 2002 and the recently held Carifta Games. He stated that the games were a success now just as they were back then. He mentioned that the committee took great steps to upgrade the games as it relates to technology; this upgrade, he stated, resulted in various developments and differences from the previous games such as the creation of blogs, positive publicity/coverage by media outlets from various countries that provided coverage of the games, attendance by NCAA Coaches/Recruiters from a number of Institutions in the United States and also attendance by visitors in the Caribbean including those from Jamaica and Bermuda. He also found significance in the fact that Usain Bolts’ parents attended the games even though their son was not competing. Hawk further highlighted the efforts of both Marketing and Public Relations that assisted the Local Organising Committee in achieving their goals. He also made mention of the various sponsors and partners of the Local Organizing Committee such as BTC, BEC, Atlantis, the Bahamian Brewery and many more. A special thank you was extended to media personnel commending them on their promotion of Carifta 2013.

Monty Brathwaite, Chief Financial Officer was the final speaker. Hawk was sure to highlight that Brathwaite was a former partner of Deloitte and Touche and the former President of Colina Insurance. Monty stated that the overall budget for the games was just over $1 million however the budget and revenue were largely exceeded by ticket sales, sponsorships, events and banners. In Mr. Brathwaite’s words, “The games were a financial success.” The Local Organizing Committee was also able to donate to the Rotary Club and various charities.