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BAAA 2014 World Relays Press Conference

The highly anticipated Inaugural 2014 World Relays Bahamas is scheduled for next year May 24th and 25th at the new Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium. According to the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA’s) President, Mike Sands, certain progressive planning events have not been happening as fast as they ought to.

However, the BAAA’s, the Ministry of Sports and the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) have all pledged their commitment to the event and have been working closely together, meeting several times via tele-conference and in Russia to ensure that the 2014 World Relays is a success. In fact, several Directors, General Secretaries and Council Members from the IAAF will be visiting The Bahamas during late September to have a series of fact-finding meetings. Agreeing that the athletes have a lot of work to do, Mr. Sands believes that the recent World Championships held in Russia would have shown both athletes and members of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) what is needed in order to meet the world standard for international events.

As the host team, Bahamian athletes and coaches will “kick into high gear” this season to ensure that our country is well-represented. As opposed to many other international track meets that are held over a multi-day period, the World Relays are held for only two days which does not harbor much recovery time for the athletes, requiring that many more Bahamian athletes will need to participate in these events.

If you’re looking to volunteer for the games, Mike Sands confirmed that there is room for many on the team and several posts have been made within the media for available positions. If you’re wondering why you have yet to see a logo for these events, Mr. Sands told Bahamas Athletics that the team is working hard alongside the Ministry of Sports on perfecting the logo and we can expect to see included, a graphic representation of the Bahama Islands, a sun and an athlete. Furthermore, the 2014 World Relays will certainly showcase The Bahamas as a hot tourist destination.

As opposed to many other games which only showcase the city (e.g. 2013 World Youth Championships Moscow), the 2014 World Relays will be showcased as the 2014 World Relays Bahamas. In our interview, Mike Sands said that this was a decision made based on the fact that “Bahamas” is easier identifiable/relate-able than “Nassau”.