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Buddy Hield Picked By New Orleans Pelicans In Nba Draft

BAHAMIAN Chavano ‘Buddy’ Hield was taken by the New Orleans Pelicans as the sixth pick in the first round of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft on Thursday night in Brooklyn, New York.

Hield, a 6ft 4in, 207lb shooting guard, had a star-studded senior season at Oklahoma University, averaging 25 points per game, with a successful shooting percentage of 50 from the field and 45 from three-point range. A native of Freeport, Grand Bahama, the 22-year-old picked up a host of post-season awards after his exploits with the Sooners.

His family cheered and waved Bahamian flags in the Brooklyn Centre as the pick was announced and starting chanting “242”.

Hield pledged his commitment to fans in the ‘Big Easy’. “New Orleans is getting a high character guy who is known for his basketball but at the same time who is going to help the community,” he said. “I’ll do whatever it takes to win and I hate losing so they’re getting a hard worker, someone who will do everything they can for this organisation”.

As for the surroundings as he looks to start his professional basketball life, he said: “I know they have great food, I know it’s not too far from the Bahamas. I know they have beaches; not like the Bahamas but there are beaches there so that’s always good. Like I said it’s not too far from home so I love it.”

Ben Simmons, a small forward from Louisiana State University, was the first pick, by the Philadelphia 76ers. He was followed by two more small forwards, Brandon Ingram, of Duke University, who went to the Los Angeles Lakers, and Jaylen Brown, of California State, to the Boston Celtics.

Dragan Bender, a power forward from Israel, went fourth to the Phoenix Suns while the Minnesota Timberwolves took Kris Dunn, a point guard.


Miami Heat To Hold Training Camp At Atlantis

You’ve seen them on television as they repeated as the National Basketball Association (NBA) champions in June. Now you could get the opportunity to see them in person when the Miami Heat come to town to stage their 2013 training camp at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island.

The Heat made the announcement on their website yesterday. Following Media Day on Monday, September 30, the Heat...

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Waltiea Rolle Off To Begin Pro Career In Czech Republic

AFTER opting out of going directly to play in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), Waltiea Rolle has her bags packed as she heads out today to begin her professional career in the women’s league in the Czech Republic. Continue reading “Waltiea Rolle Off To Begin Pro Career In Czech Republic” »

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Hinsey Joins Women’s Hoops as Director of External Operations

FAYETTEVILLE – University of Arkansas women’s basketball coach Tom Collen announced the addition of Simeon Hinsey as the director of external operations and student-athlete development for the Razorbacks this fall.

“We are very pleased to add Simeon to our staff,” Collen said.  “His experience in several areas makes him a perfect fit. He has spent a couple of years with the department as a graduate assistant in...

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Paul George’s Ferocious Dunk on Birdman in Game 2!!!

Paul George takes the ball to the rack for the huge facial over Chris Andersen. Visit for more highlights.

What have we learned from the Bulls-Heat Series?

There are a few parodies that come to mind when you look at the current series record and the way that the first few games have been played in the Heat – Bulls matchup. Let me give you my breakdown of how it all played out so far.

Game 1 was an exciting game much to the surprise of many. The first parody has to do with not having your best player(s). I’ve made some predictions at the beginning of the year, but never would I have predicted that Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng would all not be available for the post season but yet somehow, little Nate Robinson would find a way to carry the bulls past the newly put together Nets and play as well as he did in game one against the Heat. This is an anomaly that was highly unexpected. And me being a fan of the game, I seldom try to take sides with a “favorite”, I like to stick to the facts and in my experience it’s usually came out to my advantage. In this particular case, the facts show me that the Heat are the better team, both on paper, and on the court. But I say this, because in watching that first game of the series, my admiration for a player that I’ve always respected greatly because of heart, grew beyond the respect that I had for the greatest player of our generation. As a former basketball player in college and semi-pro, I understand and feel connected to other players that long to help give their team and fans the motivation and belief that Nate Robinson was achieving.

With that said, I do feel that even in defeat, there were some things that the Heat did positively, that cannot be over shadowed by the loss. And that brings me to the second parody: Are teams rusty after sitting for so long after a series?

Well, as I’ve gotten older, and as I’ve learned from veterans and other great players, practice makes perfect. As much skills that one can have, doesn’t amount to the confidence of another individual with the same talents, that takes time out to work on those talents. And in this case, it wasn’t that the Miami Heat didn’t take time out to work on their game plan, but after waiting for so long for the next game, there has to be some lag the same way there is a downtime before one has to shoot around in the gym before getting their shot back. This is an obvious issue with the first game for the Heat.

The next parody is: Keep your cool even in great victory. The Chicago Bulls’ Nate Robinson, although a very good player and very capable of helping the Bulls to win more games throughout the series, he has not had a chance to experience that winning mentality yet. Having a rough career never really finding a place to get settled down before being traded, there’s never really been good wisdom behind him to show him. This has been something that hurt Lebron James for years and now we see how things become a bit easier to handle once he had a good team with guys that have won before (either in the NBA or in the Olympics). This is what Derrick Rose can be doing for Nate, although not a Veteran yet, he still has very good ball knowledge and knows well how to be humble and keep his cool in victory.

The final parody is my favorite: Can the champions bounce back? As we see in game two, the Miami heat are no joke. They are the real deal and the only goal this year is to win the title. As I mentioned before, everyone expects the Heat to win this series. Not in the way they expected the Nets to win. The Nets are a good team and I think that it’s hard for many teams to merge several all stars and make things happen in one year. We’ve seen this fail with Miami, the Lakers, this year’s Nets and even the Clippers. It takes a good team to win an NBA playoffs and there are 8 good teams left this year. I’ve never seen a bad team or a team lacking it’s main pieces win the NBA Championship, and I don’t expect one to win it this year.

My predictions for this series is Miami in 5.