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About the Maximum Development (MaxD) Academy

About the Maximum Development (MaxD) Academy

The MAXD Difference

Our Goal:

To create elite student-athletics by combining customized academics and athletic programs helping students reach their full potential.

Our Method
We have partnered with a fully accredited grade 6 –12 school that includes BJC, BJCSE an SAT classes. MAX D will provide both a challenging and supportive environment that brings out the best in student-athletes. Through small class sizes, a diverse and educated faculty, the encouragement of creativity and discussion, and one-on-one tutoring availability, MAX D is commented to sending our athletes to the highest-performing universities in the world.

MAX D sports program will consist of Athletic and Personal Development disciplines that facilitate improvement in areas like strength, speed, leadership, nutrition and more. Our qualified coaches have multiple years of college and professional experience. MAX D players will have customized training programs, and second to none exposure to high school, college and professional organizations. MAX D athletes WILL dominate competition at every level.

Maximum Development Academy Team

Character Development:
We will strive to develop student-athletes who are leaders and role models in the community. Activities and roles like Student Government, Student Ambassadors, Student Residential Advisors and Community Outreach (which will be mandatory for all MAX D student-athletes) encourage responsibility and time management. By ingraining accountability and a strong moral compass, our student-athletes will be prepared for life’s challenges after leaving Maximum Development.

Professional Organization and College Placement and Planning
The MAX D Planning and Placement Program works with all full-time students to create an individualized roadmap to reach their goal of studying and playing their sport at the professional or collegiate level. This work begins upon a student’s entry into high school (grade 9) and incorporates families, coaches, and university admissions and athletic staff in their efforts. The Program integrates four key components — collegiate matching, academic readiness, athletic recruiting, and NCAA eligibility into all facets of our work.